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Added: 10.11.2016

The project is nearing completion

The guidebook, map, website… There are numerous activities included in the project devoted to the creation of the Central Industrial Region Trail. Soon, we will provide you with the outcomes of several months of intensive work.

We are sure that you will be eager to hit the new trail and share your impressions with us. You are welcome to submit comments containing elements of constructive criticism as well as praise for the new tourism product in Podkarpackie.

The Central Industrial Region Trail is the route, on which old industrial, utility and residential buildings are situated. We encourage you to get acquainted with their history.

What distinguishes the objects situated along the CIR Trail, is their unique architecture, high construction speed, the quality of materials used, standard of finish, excellent functionality as well as solutions that have proven to be effective over years.

The idea of CIT, which in 2017 celebrates its 80th jubilee, influenced the development of the Podkarpackie region enormously and its legacy has remained in the cities of the region to this day. We invite you on a journey through the history and architecture, full of memories and details, which are worth noting.