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THE ROUTE - Pustynia

Today a part of the town of Dębica, at the time of the Central Industrial Region Pustynia was a village in the vicinity of the town.


● Non-ferrous Metal Rolling Mill – Multi-family House
● Non-ferrous Metal Rolling Mill – Director’s Villa
● Non-ferrous Metal Rolling Mill – Workers’ Hostel

Distance between the sites
Total length of the Route: 2.3 km
On foot – total walking time: 28 min.
By bike – total riding time: 10 min.

This route begins at the bust stop in Sandomierska street, near the intersection with Metalowców street (or the Tarnobrzeg–Dębica main road). We walk northwards, to the intersection, and then turn left. After 300 metres, we enter Mościckiego street. After another 300 metres, near a railway siding, we reach the area of the housing estate of the Non-ferrous Metal Rolling Mill. We pass the multi-family houses (46 and 40 Mościckiego street), the director’s villa (at 38 Mościckiego street) and a workers’ hostel. Today, these buildings are privately-owned houses.

Today, the former workers’ hostel houses a local mutual aid and welfare centre. Initially, the building served as the ‘Director’s House’. It had three floors and was covered with a ceramic tile hipped roof. Thus, in architectural terms, it was different from the other houses built during the construction of the Central Industrial Region, where flat roofs were usually applied. The building comprised ten flats – six two-room flats with a kitchen and a bathroom, and four single-room flats, also with a kitchen and a bathroom (one of them was located in the attic). After World War II, it was converted into a company hotel.

The construction of the housing estate of the Non-ferrous Metal Rolling Mill in Pustynia began at the time of the CIR, but it had not been completed before World War II. No designs have survived. Shortly after the war, 4 residential buildings were constructed, probably according to already different plans. They were situated along the road leading to the mill. The common motifs of those multi-family buildings included rounded walls and balconies, as well as strongly accentuated entrances.

After walking up and down Mościckiego street, where the houses built at the time of the CIR construction are located, we go back, via Metalowców street, to Sandomierska street and the bus stop.